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Gloss Coating

Gloss coating can boost your colour printing to give it maximum visual impact. With the Kodak NexPress Glossing Unit it is simple.

We use the Fifth Imaging Unit Solution on the Kodak Nexpress SE2500 digital printing press for this process. We can achieve the sort of high gloss results possible with traditional UV coating but the print is totally recyclable in line with ISO14001. Gloss coating extends the life of the print and gives an extra vibrancy to the colour.

The glossing process begins with the Clear Dry Ink that is used in the coating process. Once printed, the sheets are run through our Kodak NexPress Glossing Unit as an inline process. The coating is turned from a satin finish to a high gloss finish.

Glossing can be applied to just one side or to both sides of a job. The glossing effect must take place at the time of printing – it cannot be applied afterwards. It is now also possible to offer spot gloss options.

You do not need to make any special preparations for a standard gloss finish. Just let our print production team or your sales representative know before the job goes to print. The extra process is specified in the Kodak Nexpress Front End when the job is initially set up.

If you wish to use the spot gloss option then please ask about artwork preparation. Spot gloss can also be specified on one side of the sheet or both sides.

The glossing unit is a great way to add vibrancy and longevity to any printed job. Coupled with the highest quality printed output available in digital printing today, you will always create print with impact.

If you would like to know more about the Gloss and Spot Gloss coatings or would just like some print samples then please contact us on 01527 510262 or email

Did You Know…

We have invested £400,000, including finishing equipment, on the Kodak Nexpress SE2500, the latest full production digital printing press from Kodak.

The Kodak Nexpress SE2500 can produce up to 3,000 sheets per hour and features innovations, such as Print Genius, to increase productivity, accuracy and consistency.

The Kodak Nexpress SE2500 digital printing press offers all the benefits of digital print whilst focusing on high quality printed output.

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Covid-19 Update

During these uncertain times, we want to reassure all our clients that production remains unaffected, and we continue to print and fulfil all current and new orders to the high-quality standards you all know and love.

Internally safeguards have been put in place at Lemon Press including following procedures and guidance supplied by the BPIF (British Printing Industries Federation).

Sales and estimating continue as normal but to minimise risks, we have reduced the teams' attendance at our premises. Therefore staff that can complete their tasks remotely are set up to work from home.

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