ISO 12647

BSIISO12647 aims to ensure specific parameters, targets and measurement are set and verified for every process, including different paper types. Manufacturing variables will have been taken into account when defining each specific target.

New Methods of Measurement

The latest specifications use the CIElab model and Spectrophotometry to achieve the level of consistency required. Solid colour measurement readings are used to replace the more traditional density weights previously used on press ink measurement.

The reason for this change in approach is to cope with the wide range of inks available, as they all have slightly different properties.

It also covers other technical properties of the printing process including screening method, dot gain and overprints.

Better Proofs, Better Print

If it is applied correctly it should mean the proof and press result are a good visual match. Measuring and recording results throughout the print run prove consistency. The result is print that matches your approved proofs.

This process improves customer satisfaction and removes any subjectivity in the assessment process. The use of a spectrophotometer removes individual opinion and assumptions from quality control.

Inpress Control Improves Results

The introduction of the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75 ensures this standard automatically. It constantly checks colour and registration via the Prinect Inpress Control, which is a spectrophotometric measurement system. This allows the press to check every sheet as it passes through, capturing any deviations in process and special colours, and correct itself automatically.

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Did You Know…

ISO12647 is an international standard that sets guidelines for reproducing colour throughout the reprographic and printing process.

The standard is designed to instil confidence and allow print managers and publishers to state how they want their project to be reproduced. It is designed to eliminate misunderstandings and keep the workflow running smoothly from pre-press through to printing.

Implementation of the standard will show an improvement in colour consistency, and less waste, as all elements of the process are brought together.

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Covid-19 Update

During these uncertain times, we want to reassure all our clients that production remains unaffected, and we continue to print and fulfil all current and new orders to the high-quality standards you all know and love.

Internally safeguards have been put in place at Lemon Press including following procedures and guidance supplied by the BPIF (British Printing Industries Federation).

Sales and estimating continue as normal but to minimise risks, we have reduced the teams' attendance at our premises. Therefore staff that can complete their tasks remotely are set up to work from home.

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