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Bulk mail discounts available when using the Royal Mail

There are three categories of bulk mail discounts available when using the Royal Mail; Mailsort, Walksort & Presstream. They are designed to help reduce costs when sending out bulk mailings and can save hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pounds.

By sorting the mailing into regions for the Royal Mail it cuts down on the work they need to do. They give discounts on the postage which can be quite substantial.


To use Mailsort we will need to organise your mailings into groups, all with correct addresses. This ensures when it is collected it can moved to its final destination quickly.


This is ideal for sending large volumes of mail throughout the UK, or to specific locations. All your addresses must have accurate postcodes and we will partially sort the mailing before collection.


Presstream offers discounts on standard postal costs for magazines, journals or newsletters. We prepare your mail for despatch, and the Royal Mail provide a free collections and return service.

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